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USA, Sept. 14 -- In a secret location somewhere in America, Brendan has invented what may be the greenest vehicle of all time -- one that is poised to sweep across this land of redwood forests, gulf stream waters, golden valley's and waving wheat fields. This device doesn't use gas, diesel, or electricity. This new transportation vehicle give off no Co2 or other exhaust gasses, other than saline (and maybe some La Casa Los Tacos). There is no NIMBY infrastructure to argue over and all of the jobs can be located right here in the United States of America.

With the price of a barrel of oil just under $100 (US) and gas prices averaging $3.89, Americans are looking for an alternative to their everyday Detroit automobile. Despite the anticipation of the GM Volt -- rumored to get over 100 MPG -- Americans are looking to cut their oil and gas consumption even further.

Brendan, a tween-age kid with a love for nature, who was cleaning up the garage one day and stumbled on an idea when he was putting away his bike and his in-line skates -- if he could replace the rubber tires of a bicycle with the fast-rolling wheels of in-line skates, he could create a bicycle that was so easy to peddal Americans would ditch their cars.

After collecting three thousand tons of old Pepsi cans and recycling them, Brendan was able to commission the two 24" skate wheels needed to upgrade his bike. Kryptonics, the Santa Fe Springs, CA company specializing in skateboards since 1965, created the wheels using their legendary Krypto formula of urethane.

The new line of pollution-free bikes will be sold under the "BBykes" brand, with the first model, the "Model-B", is expected to roll off the assembly line in time for the Christmas shopping season. The Model-B bike can come in any color, so long as it is black. There is even a transparent bubble you can attach to ride the Model-B in inclement weather.

Given the threat to their industries, auto manufacturers are working with local governments to secure tax breaks that would allow them to retool their factories in order to compete with what is expected to be a transportation sensation. Domestic automakers such Ford, GM, and Chrysler and also intalks with BBykes to manufacture some of the bikes as a way to keep their factories from being comletely idled during the 18-month retooling process.

Brendan is taking it all in stride. His life has so far been unchanged by his success. He still goes to middle school, and he's playing football for the Midwest Flaming Eagles.

The characters and events depicted in this biography are fictional. The characters bear no resemblance to any person living or dead.

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