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Two weeks in Egypt with 5,000 year old relics of a pharoic past and the surroundings of modern-day life was the adventure of a lifetime. This is a collection of way too many snapshots - a small percentage of the 1800+ images I personally took on the trip, but I found it difficult to tell the story of Egypt without mimicing the same complete saturation of life in which we experienced.
It's been a while since my trip to Germany and the memories are fading somewhat, but looking through my pictures the other day it all came rushing back. The food, the trains, the friendliness of the locals - it was a very nice trip. I also realized how well my Nikon D40 takes photos as these images were taken on a 4,0 megapixel Kodak point-and-shot... wish I had my Nikon for this trip!
While more interested in visiting UK/Ireland/Scottland, or returning to Germany where I spent nearly three years growing up, four of us traveled to Paris on Christmas Day for a week of playing tourist. With Parisians being less rude and odoriferous than excepted, not to mention the sights and history of the city, my admitted reluctance quickly washed away...
Towards the middle of May, I took a friday off to go fishing, only the trip was canceled at the last minute. With the day off, Paige and I decided to go for a long drive and ended up paying a visit to Luray Caverns. While the caverns are neither a prime vacation destination nor one of the seven wonders of the world, they should be towards the bottom of the "sometime in my life" list.
Towards the end of May, I took some time from my work and responsibilities and spent a week at the beach with my friends Paige and Tim. We had great weather — only 2 days of rain — great food and great fun in the North Carolina sun. While it's not the same as being there, here is a small recap...
CAMP JEEP 2000 — 
My friend Scott and I took a trip last summer into the middle of Virginia to join in on the fun at Camp Jeep, 2000. Camp Jeep is sort of like a family version of the classic Jeep Jamborees, only adding fun, games, and other events to the traditional trail ride. Take a peek at some to the images captured from our trail ride...

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